Design Elements and Events

Element Default Events Records Data Type Max/Min
Button On "click" N/A String N/A
Text Input On "change"/"input" Text within "input" String N/A
Label On "click" N/A String N/A
Dropdown On "change" Text within "options" String N/A
Radio Button On "change" Text within "radio buttons" String N/A
Checkbox On "change" Text within "textboxes" String N/A
Image On "click" N/A String N/A
Canvas On "click" N/A Number x=[0,320], y=[0,450]
Screen On "click"/"keydown" N/A Number/N/A x=[0,320], y=[0,450]/N/A
Text Area On "change" Text within "text areas" String N/A
Chart On "drawChart"/"drawChartFromRecords" N/A N/A N/A
Slider On "input" Number within "slider" Number N/A

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