Assignment #1

Q: What is an IP address? How does it work?

A: IP, Internet Protocol, is a 32-bit number that identifies a device on a network. Each computer has its unique IP address. to which data are sent.

Q: What is a domain name? How does it relate to the IP address?

A: A domain name is a string that identifies devices on a network that are administered as a unit with common rules and procedures. A domain name represents a bunch of IP addresses.

Q: What does HTML stand for?

A: It stand for "Hypertext Markup Language".

Q: What is the default page named in a website (e.g. the home page)?

A: It is named index.html.

Q: What is the image html tag?

A: < img src > (without spaces) is the image html tag.

Assignment #2

Q: What is a server?

A: A device that manages resources on a network.

Q: How is it different than a standard computer?

A: A standard computer can run serveral programs at the same time, whereas a server cannot multitask.

Q: What are the tags needed for HTML tables?

A: < table > (without spaces), < tr >, < / tr >, < td >, < / td > and < / table > are the tags needed for HTML tables.

Q: What does an iFrame allow you to do?

A: It allows us to embed media in our webpage.

Q: What does the a tag do?

A: It creates a clickable link to a website.

Q: What does the tr tag do?

A: It creates a new table row.

Q: Find a web development company. What does it cost to have them create a webpage? How long does it take?

A: Silicon Valley Software Group is a web development company in San Francisco. Additional information is not available yet.